G.S. Burton Development, LLP - "Serving you with care"
We Genuinely Care About Our Clients
G.S. Burton Development is fully committed to promoting an environment that exemplifies quality, excellence and integrity. Self determination is a necessary component of this process. It is important for us to promote this in our clientele.  This will give them a sense of purpose and help them create a meaningful, productive life despite the challenges they face. Some of the key principals in promoting our client’s self determination are:                   
Freedom-The ability to make choices that will directly affect them and allowing them to choose how to live.
Self esteem- By helping them identify and build on their positive qualities, this will promote self acceptance.
Self sufficiency- Helping them reach their full potential by providing a level of care that will promote a level of independence.
     These are some of the things that will assist our clients in developing and maintaining self determination. It is important for us to help our clients feel like they are respected, have value, worth and the dignity they deserve.