G.S. Burton Development, LLP - "Serving you with care"
A caring and compassionate attitude must exist to do this job. Services that are provided must be done with a genuine desire to serve others. All clients should be treated with a manner of dignity and respect without exception. It is our expectation that you will enjoy working for an agency that values its employees and is dedicated to serving others with quality.
Currently Accepting Applications for Drivers & Direct Care Providers
Please note the following are state required employment qualifications:
·       CPR
·       FirstAid
·       Pass Criminal Background Check
·       8 hour DD training
·       Copy of valid driver’s license and proof of insurance.
·       Completed Job Application
·       Copy of high school diploma and other related training and/or certificates.
Drivers Need Additional information including that which is listed above.
        Drug Test
        Physical stating ability to drive
        Clean driving record (no points)
If you meet the necessary qualifications, have a good attitude and a strong work ethic, it will be our pleasure to have you as apart of our team.
Home Care Positions $8.25 to start
 Drivers Positions $8.50 to start:
Jobs Last updated 10/2/15
If you would like to fill out an application,
please go to the employment tab and a sub link for the application and pre-employment questionnaire should appear.