G.S. Burton Development, LLP - "Serving you with care"
About The Burtons
We started this agency out of our love for others. We  felt service  to others was a part of our calling. We are Christians who believe in the power of love. When love is giving freely it has the ability to create change. We  love our  clients deeply and will support and advocate for them. 
Mr. Burton has worked in several different capacities in services to others. He is currently the Agencies Operation Manager. He is a very loving individual who is dedicated to his family and the needs of others . He is a Certified CPR, First Aid and AED instrutor and an Auto Mechanic. He is an assest to the company because he makes sure everything flows properly and he keeps all of our tranportation vehicles up to standard so that we can provide safe, reliable transportation.  In his spare time he enjoys reading and working on do-it-yourself projects.
Mrs. Burton has an extensive background in Mental Health and has held positions serving the community. Mrs. Burton educational background include:  Master's in Theology with an emphasis on Christian Education, currently working on a second Master's in Clinical Counseling, (CDA) Child Development Associate Credential and a diploma in Church Studies.She can be described as fun, loving and overly compassionate.  In her spare time she enjoys writing and spending time with her family.